Great Women: Women’s History Month

To mark Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on 8 March we are extending our Great Place: Great Women project throughout March!

Incredibly, women only occupy around 0.5% of recorded history. Over recent decades, historians have started the process of rectifying gender bias and omissions in historical writing. Our Great Place: Great Women project also aims to begin to address this imbalance, by telling the stories of some remarkable women who have made significant contributions to the social, political and cultural fabric of North Belfast. With Great Women, we aim to place women at the centre of their own stories and not simply recount their achievements through their connections to male contemporaries.

Initially, our archive team selected and researched six influential women with historical connections to North Belfast including Mary Ann McCracken, Winifred Carney, Elizabeth Fry and St. Brigid. So far, we have featured influential women who are relatively well-known. However, for Women’s History Month, Great Place: Great Women will focus on individuals who have been suggested by our Cluster members! All the women featured to date have been influential historical figures, but our upcoming posts will include contemporary figures such as Baroness May Blood and Anna Burns.

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We hope that you continue to enjoy our discoveries!


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