Six x Six: North Belfast Working Men’s Club

As part of the ‘Look North: North Belfast Festival’, six video interviews were recorded, each 6 minutes long, featuring six of the Cluster Member buildings.

In this video, Chief Executive of the Belfast Charitable Society, Paula Reynolds, sits down with Rev Colin Hall-Thompson from the North Belfast Working Men’s Club. Together, they discuss the development of the club, known colloquially as ‘The North’. Opened in 1894, the building was a place of recreation for the industrious community of North Belfast mill workers. Generations of local working people have since made use of the building, developing a strong sense of community in the club. This would prove particularly important during the Troubles, where it was described as a ‘lifeline’ for its members. Today, its bowling green and entertaining spaces are the highlight of the club for its members both old and new.

Hall-Thompsons’ family have been involved in the club’s management since its creation, so in this interview he provides an fascinating insight into its development through time. Watch the full interview below:

Members Involved

YEAR: 1894

Location: Danube Street