Six x Six: St Patrick’s Church

As part of the ‘Look North: North Belfast Festival’, six video interviews were recorded, each 6 minutes long, featuring six of the Cluster Member buildings.

Father Eugene O’Neill and Paula Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Belfast Charitable Society, explore the long history of St Patrick’s Church. A Church has been located on the site since 1812, but the building we recognise today was built in 1877. Since then, the Church on Donegall Street has bore witness to generations of worshippers and political turbulence. During the Troubles, the Church was a lasting beacon of hope and identity for the surrounding Catholic community facing uncertain times. This spirit lives on today, as the Church continues to provide services and its open door policy welcomes in all.

Explore the Church’s full history using the link below:

Members Involved

YEAR: 1815

Location: Donegal Street