St Patrick’s and Redeemer Central Seed Fund
St Patrick’s and Redeemer Central – joint photo exhibition.
As part of our #GPNB Seed Fund, St Patrick’s Church & Redeemers Central received funding for the ‘Same Difference’ project – a joint photo exhibition displaying each organisation’s buildings.
This was a performance arts project which involved a photographic exhibition hosted in two spaces, namely St Patricks Church and Redeemer Central/Donegall Street Congregational Church.
Photos of each church were placed for viewing in the other church (i.e. St Patrick’s photos displayed at Redeemer Central and vice versa) in order to highlight differences and commonalities in two of the faith traditions that have shared Donegall Street for two centuries.
The Seed Fund gave St Patricks & Redeemers the opportunity to work together to showcase the best of their respective churches & strengthen their relationship for future projects.
Warm press coverage was received for the project and #GPNB by the BBC, Irish News, Belfast Telegraph and Ulster Tatler.

Members Involved

YEAR: 1815

Location: Donegal Street

YEAR: 1934

Location: Donegall Street