St Patrick’s Church Seed Fund: The Braniff Tiles

Discovered in the bottom of a chicken coop by Father O’Niell, these tiles are the work of local artist Daniel Ignatius Braniff. DI Braniff was a stained glass artist, and examples of his work exist in St Patrick’s, St Stephen’s, Millfield and Belfast City Hall. Whilst incomplete, they are a great example of the work of a talented, yet underappreciated local artist. These tiles depict various Stations of the Cross, with some in a near complete state.

St Patrick’s received a seed fund to purchase acid free material and suitable storage boxes for the Braniff Tiles, as well as other items in need of storage, such as material pertaining to the royal visit of the then Prince Charles and Camilla in 2015.

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Members Involved

YEAR: 1815

Location: Donegal Street