Year - 1797
Clifton Street Cemetery
Clifton Street


  • Date: 1797
  • Years active: 1797-1984.
  • History: A walk through Clifton Street Cemetery is to walk through the history of the city itself. Many of Belfast's 'captains of industry' and founding figures. Alongside them are the graves of the poor of Belfast, who otherwise could not have afforded a plot to be buried in. Within the Cemetery the graves tell stories of Bodysnatching, Cholera, Conflict, Famine and Rebellion.
  • Use: The Cemetery is now closed for burials. It is owned and maintained by Belfast City Council Regular public cemetery tours are available through Clifton House
  • Notable: Edward Benn, John Charters, William Drennan, John Dunville, Valentine Jones, Thomas McCabe, Mary Ann & Henry Joy McCracken, Marcus Ward.
  • Stop 6 on the North Belfast Heritage Trail (next stop Belfast Orange Hall).

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