Urban Design

Strategic Partners: Department of Communities and Department of Infrastructure, Academy of Urbanism, Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA), Ministerial Advisory Group on Architecture and the Built Environment, Royal Town Planning Institute.

The physical regeneration of north Belfast has been a part of our discussion since the start of the Cluster. We know that making an area more inviting for people will support our work and help us to build stronger connections between the Cluster members.

This project aims to produce a set of design guidelines for the future look and feel of the area, starting with Clifton Street.  The below images set out ideas for the much needed improvement of the ‘gateway junction’ at Frederick, North Queen, Donegal and Clifton Streets – an essential conduit for local people and the wider city. At present this is a very confused junction that actually dissects north Belfast from the heart of the city.

Mark Hackett, consultant architect on the project, has presented these ideas on how this junction could work to improve the flow of traffic and walkability, creating a much safer and more attractive place for pedestrians, cyclists and all other road users, as well as helping to create a much better sense of place.

By reducing the number of lanes of traffic at the junction, the connection between the Ulster University, North Belfast and the city centre would also be enormously improved, opening up the potential of future development and more amenities for the local and changing population. The plans also underline the need to future-proof our roads and walkways while learning from our past when the junction was an important place where people worked and lived, as well as drove through.

These ideas show how the historic character of north Belfast can be used by owners and planners to ensure that future development is respectful of what is already there.

Re-imagined Donegall Street Junction

Members Involved

YEAR: 1862

Location: Duncairn Avenue

YEAR: 1904

Location: Donegall Street

YEAR: 1774

Location: Clifton Street

YEAR: 1797

Location: Clifton Street

YEAR: 1906

Location: Oldpark Road

YEAR: 1840

Location: Frederick Street

YEAR: 1889

Location: Clifton Street

YEAR: 1894

Location: Danube Street

YEAR: 1934

Location: Donegall Street

YEAR: 1815

Location: Donegal Street

YEAR: 1833

Location: Antrim Road

YEAR: 1904

Location: Annesley Street