Volunteer Bank Project

Strategic Partners: Volunteer Now; Prince’s Trust.

Volunteers are vital for all of the Cluster members. Coordinating volunteers, though, takes time and effort, and members of the Cluster have lots of different capacities for doing this.

This project aims to create a bank of volunteers who can share their skills across all of the members, with a central coordination point. Volunteers will potentially provide short term support for administration and filing, social media campaigns, or events.

Cluster members are working to identify people, both existing volunteers and new ones, who may be interested in sharing their voluntary skills across all of the organisations. Working with key skills development partners, we want to make sure that volunteers will have the opportunity to learn new skills. Our long-term aim is that Cluster members will be able to draw from the pool of volunteers at times of need, whether to run historical tours, support an event, or help with some day-to-day admin.

Members Involved

YEAR: 1862

Location: Duncairn Avenue

YEAR: 1904

Location: Donegall Street

YEAR: 1774

Location: Clifton Street

YEAR: 1797

Location: Clifton Street

YEAR: 1906

Location: Oldpark Road

YEAR: 1840

Location: Frederick Street

YEAR: 1889

Location: Clifton Street

YEAR: 1894

Location: Danube Street

YEAR: 1934

Location: Donegall Street

YEAR: 1815

Location: Donegal Street

YEAR: 1833

Location: Antrim Road

YEAR: 1904

Location: Annesley Street