Year - 1894
North Belfast Working Men’s Club
Danube Street


  • Date: 1894.
  • Architect: William J. Gilliland
  • Extensions: Additions in 1909, credited to Hill & Kennedy. The roof over the dance hall is a "Belfast Truss Roof" which was commonly used in industrial buildings and warehouses. The bowling green was added in 1914 and has been a key feature of the club for over a century.
  • Relationships: Close ties to local industry, such as the Edenderry Mill, Brookfield Weaving Factory and Highfield Factory around the Crumlin Road.
  • Use: Social Club and Sports Venue.
  • Notable: Gerald Snape, John Horner, Samuel Herbert Hall-Thompson, Edward Harland, William Quartus Ewart.
  • Stop 12 on the North Belfast Heritage Trail (next stop Duncairn Arts and Cultural Centre).

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