Redeemer Central Seed Fund: Portraits and Pictures

In March 2023 we posted about the history of Donegal Congregational Church. Whilst much of this work was completed using British newspaper archives and academic sources, the research was aided in the discovery of several old drawings of the site, depicting the church in its various stages. These drawings proved a great asset in our research; however, they were at risk of degradation, having been found propped against a wall in a dusty stairwell. Some had cracked glass panes,  others were mounted in inappropriate material, and a few had no frame at all! As such, a seed fund was allocated to Redeemer Central to protect these drawings, along with other historic portraits of past ministers. Once framed, these pictures will be put on display, telling the history of the building to the many different groups that make use of the historic space.

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Members Involved

YEAR: 1934

Location: Donegall Street