Six x Six: Duncairn Arts Centre/174 Trust

As part of the ‘Look North: North Belfast Festival’, six video interviews were recorded, each 6 minutes long, featuring six of the Cluster member buildings.

Once again, this Six x Six interview is led by Chief Executive of the Belfast Charitable Society, Paula Reynolds. She interviews Rev. Bill Shaw, director of the 174 Trust, a local Christian charity group. The interview covers the genesis of the Duncairn Arts Centre, the Charity’s base since 2014. Originally an impressive Presbyterian Church built in 1862, the building became disused as a Church in the late 20th century and was temporarily used as a furniture store during the tail end of the Troubles. Now a lovingly restored Arts venue, new life has been breathed into the Duncairn Arts centre.

Access the full interview below and discover more of the Duncairn Arts Centre’s story.


Members Involved

YEAR: 1862

Location: Duncairn Avenue